Event Rooms

Project Cosplay will have a variety of themed rooms for cosplay shooting and activities.

As of right now most rooms are speculation, but as the event gets closer we will identify the specific rooms more clearly.

Main Stage & Room

One of the ballrooms will be setup with a stage (black backdrop) and 4 themed backdrops.

Theme Room

One of the ballrooms will be setup with a themed set for photos along with 2-4 themed or colored backdrops.

The Executive Suite

The to be sponsored Executive Suite will house both the Poker Table setting and the Boudoir/Pinup Room. All shoots in the suite will be accompanied by a Project-Nerd staff member and waivers will be signed before shooting in the Boudoir/Pinup Room.

Panel & Workshop Room

The Panel and Workshop Room will house workshops and panels hosted by you and your fellow cosplayers. Panel sign up will be available closer to the event.

TBD Room

There is an additional space that is yet to be determined for use at this time. Stay tuned.

The Gaming & Sponsor Room

More details on the Gaming Room available HERE.

Changing Room

A suite on the first floor is expected to be available for guests without access to their own hotel room to use as a changing area.

Please visit the Schedule (when live) in order to find details on shoots taking place in these rooms.

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