Group Shoots

Group Shoots can be organized ahead of time or on the fly at the event. Even though we encourage you to do some planning, being there to get some impromptu shoots will be a blast too.

The group shoot will not be open until late summer. Keep in mind, there will also be plenty of space and photographers available for impromptu photo sessions throughout the weekend.

Group shoots put on the schedule will be themed based on fandom (movies, comics, games, anime series, etc.). Please note, as we add those large OPEN group shoots to the schedule, you are more than welcome to schedule shoots for other fandoms with the photographers or submitting it to the Project Cosplay team.

Please Note: Although Project Cosplay is an event to encourage cosplayers of all fandom, levels, and interest, some shoots will be scheduled by photographers and brands that might be closed to additional individuals. Although large group shoots organized by Project Cosplay is open to all attendees, these other shoots are setup because the cosplayer, photographer, or brand have a specific image in mind. These are not meant to be exclusive but meant to create a final gallery of specific work or were planned ahead with those participating putting in an equal amount of group effort.

If you and your friends have or are planning costumes with one of those themes, be sure to follow the evolution of those specific shoot. If you don’t see a track that you are interested in participating in, please let us know.

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