Photography Policy

At Project Cosplay all photography sessions and group shoots will be free of charge with the intentions of images being shared online for everybody to share. But with this free opportunity comes the need for people to properly credit and share.

All photographers onsite agree to these five terms:

  1. I will not charge for photo shoots during Project Cosplay.
  2. I agree to release all usable images online, tagging proper parties involved; including but not limited to: room sponsors, cosplayers, and Project Cosplay.
  3. If asked by Project Cosplay to shoot an official group session during Project Cosplay, I agree to give Project Cosplay partners first rights to sharing the resulting photos/online gallery before sharing the photos myself on any online outlet, including social media. I also have the right to turn down any official shoots.
  4. If charging cosplayers for printing rights to high-resolution images, I agree that it is a business transaction independent of Project Cosplay or any other party involved with Project Cosplay and that it will be handled away from the event.
  5. Project Cosplay has the right to use these images for online promotion of the event and future events.

In order to shoot at Project Cosplay, photographers understand and will abide by the above statements. Photographers will remain the soul copyright owners of the photographs taken at Project Cosplay.

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