Panels & Workshops

Once again Panels and Workshops will be an essential part of Project Cosplay as we encourage our attendees to participate in sharing their skills, passions, and thoughts throughout the weekend.

There will be a dedicated panel and workshop room, however for 2017 scheduling will be done in a way that should help large group shoots and panels not interfere with one another.

Come out and show support to your fellow cosplayers and prop makers as they talk about their skills and passion.

Do you have a topic and want to lead a panel or workshop? The sign up form is available below with acceptance responses starting in late October.

Please note, the panel room saw huge success in the mornings but low participation in the afternoons during the first Project Cosplay. Project Cosplay and the participating panelists will be working on a schedule for both panels and group photoshoots that will more properly compliment each other in 2017. If you have any feedback or thoughts regarding, please feel free to reach out to the team to share your ideas.


Note: All panels must fit in a 50 minute timeline. Workshops are held to either 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.

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