Cosplayers are the center of the Project Cosplay universe. We’re all here for you. And you means any of you.

This event is not a closed, invite only event with special guests. If you are a cosplayer and you want to attend, purchase a ticket and get your costumes ready. The idea is to create a community that welcomes everybody and anybody that cosplays and wants to be here.

For 2019, our admission cap will be 200 individuals. Due to the size of the venue, this being only our second Project Cosplay, and other insurance and liability concerns, we will be very reluctant about increasing the event size even if there continues to be a high interest.

We do encourage you to get your friends and costume ideas together, because as tracks get planned out you will have the opportunity to sign up and participate in the many exciting shoots and workshops taking place.

Tickets go on sale in late summer.


Pricing Chart 2017

General Admission includes access to all rooms, panels and non-meal workshops. Saturday and Sunday Passes are the single day equivalent of the Weekend Pass.

VIP Meal Pass includes General Admission plus access to both the Friday Dinner Workshop and Sunday Night Wrap Party as well as a vendor supplied swag bag.

The option to purchase passes to the Meal Workshops will be available individually once details are determined.

Dinner Workshop Add-On

Project Cosplay 2019 will have a limited number of Dinner Workshop Tickets for Friday Night that include admittance to a workshop ran by a master crafter. The meal and drink options are to be determined.

The Wrap Party

Project Cosplay 2019 will have a limited number of spaces available of the Sunday Evening Wrap Party. This is only open to photographers, Project Cosplay Staff, event volunteers, and VIP Ticket Holders.

To participate in group shoots you will be encouraged to sign up separately for free.

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