Chaos Collectible’s Gaming Arena

Project Cosplay is proud to present a gaming and social area for year two, hosted by Chaos Collectibles.


The Chaos Collectibles’ Gaming Arena will be available during the entire weekend from 9 AM to 5 PM and will feature multiple areas to play games, hang out with friends in between shoots, and relax with a cold drink.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own games, specifically table-top and card games as there is no guarantee as to what games will be available. Table space will be made for multiple styles of games and there is a possibility video games will be setup as well. If enough interest is generated, Chaos Collectibles will help host tournaments or one-off challenges.

Chaos Collectibles offers some of the coolest and rarest geeky collectibles and will feature a full booth in the gaming room. Attendees are encouraged to shop and support the brand that will also be hosting the activities in the Gaming Lounge throughout the weekend.

For suggestions on games, memorabilia, or anything else relevant to the Chaos Collectibles’ Gaming Arena please send us a message on our Facebook Page or start a thread about your preferred activity in the Public Facebook Group.

Create Your Own Character Contest

Project Cosplay and Project-Nerd Publishing present the Create Your Own Character Contest.


Participants are encouraged to create a custom character (non-existing) that would be part of a new fictional universe created by Project-Nerd Publishing and the Initiative Production Group where random people across the world are gaining super powers with no explanation.

Participants will have as much time necessary prior to the event to create their own character, costume, powers, and origin. All participants then will wear the costume and present it to a to-be-named panelist of judges that will include Project-Nerd Publishing leadership and costume experts on Saturday, February 4th at 5:00 PM.

The character that participants create should be completely original and not associated with or designed after any existing superheroes from any current publication. The costume would need to be a complete design with the participant explaining the origin of the character, along with their superpowers, and how the costume lends to their new found abilities.

The winner will be rewarded with a published web comic (or more) of the character created by Project-Nerd Publishing, VIP Admission to Project Cosplay 2018, a $50 Cash Prize, a free 3D Scan from Werks3D, and a Project-Nerd Publishing Prize Pack.

Two runner ups (if minimum participants reached) will also receive a Project-Nerd Publishing Prize Pack.

All participants will be rewarded a professional photo gallery of their new costume.


Ticket Prices Increase After New Year

Hi Cosplayers!

Just a friendly reminder that on January 1, 2017 ticket prices for Project Cosplay 2017 will increase.

Pricing Chart 2017

December is your last chance to get tickets for just $35 or VIP for $75. Don’t miss out on this discounted opportunity.

Also don’t forget that the Friday Dinner Workshop Tickets are still available for just $20. That’s right, get a full Italian feast along with a fun panel and demonstration featuring Michael “Knightmage” Wilson.


‘Denver Home Security Judge’ Joins as Platinum Sponsor

Helping us make Project Cosplay 2017 better is Denver’s own Denver Home Security Judge.


A home security system is one purchase that is often well worth the cost. After all, this product will not only help protect you from break-ins (and potentially other issues, depending on the product you buy), but the system also provides confidence. That is something on which you can’t put a price. However, before you purchase a system or sign a contract, it is important to understand more about the companies you’re choosing from. That’s where Denver Home Security Judge comes in.

Denver Home Security Judge has a professional blog that provides advice on not just home security systems, but home security in general. Even better, Denver Home Security Judge has spent countless hours researching over 100 home security companies, and posted their top 3 home security company picks in Denver on their home page.

You can learn more about Denver Home Security Judge at

They will also have flyers available on the registration table so you can get more information on protecting your home and costumes!

For more on becoming a sponsor for Project Cosplay 2017, visit our Sponsorship Page.

Panel & Workshop Form Now Online

A big part of Project Cosplay is panels and workshops.

We are looking to manage these in 2017 much better by reducing the amount of time these crossover with large group shoots.

If you are interested in running a panel or workshop, please fill out the form here: Panels & Workshops Page

Please make sure you read the details on the form and provide as much information as possible. Panels do not have to be cosplay focused, as fandoms and other geek topics are more than welcome.