Photographer Applications Closed

At this time, Project Cosplay has closed the 2017 photographer application and will not announce any new photographers if no cancellations are confirmed.


There was an overwhelming interest in photography for Project Cosplay 2017, and to keep a decent photographer to cosplayer ratio, a select amount of individuals had to be turned away.

The decision on who to add was not determined on quality alone. Turnaround time, quantity, willingness to shoot for free, eagerness to share content through multiple outlets, and an interest in the community all played factors. Additionally, many applications were not completed in full, leaving desired answers and links unaccessible for many.

The eleven photographers will be joined by a small group of cosplayers also acting as amateur photographers through Hidden Vision Photography’s Photographer Workshop. These cosplayers/photographers will not interfere with the main selected group but will have opportunities to act as apprentices and shoot galleries as part of a learning experience with Hidden Vision.

Additional photographers that already applied can choose to stay on a wait list and join if an accepted photographer drops out.

Notes: The photographer workshop was announced in the Project Cosplay Public Group as well as the application for photography was made available from June 2016 through December 2016. For queries or feedback, please direct all communication to info(at)