We’ve had a few questions pop up and decided to start an FAQ page. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, please feel free to contact us.

General Questions

Has a date and venue been established yet?

Year 3 is being worked on right now. There will be some major changes, but February 2019 is looking the most likely.

This weekend is really close to another event?

We understand that late winter into early spring is Colorado’s convention season. This weekend was the weekend that appeared to work best for all involved. Besides, the only thing you have to worry about is the cost of admission (which is only $35) and, if you want, the cost of a hotel room. Remember that all photoshoots, panels, and workshops are free.

What special events are being planned for the weekend?

We had some great feedback that people wanted more out of Project Cosplay 2019. We are currently working on dinner and brunch workshops ran by experts, a Saturday night party, the return of the Iron Cosplay Challenge, and other exciting events.

What is the age policy?

We are only selling tickets to individuals 18 and up. Due to certain shoots, events, the hours, and the presence of onsite alcohol, we encourage this to be an adult only event.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Project Cosplay 2019 will be on sale this winter.

If I’m not planning on wearing a costume, can I purchase a pass and attend anyways?

This event is meant for cosplayers to come together to share ideas, best practices, their costumes, and get together for fun group and individual shoots with photographers operating at a professional level.

If you are not planning on being in costume the majority of the time, a much needed handler, are not an event organizer/volunteer, or not a photographer you may be asked to leave. Keep that in mind when purchasing passes.

How do I sign up to run a workshop or moderate a panel at Project Cosplay?

You can signup for panels and workshops on the Panels & Workshop Page. Filling out the form does not guarantee that your panel will be accepted.

Are photographers and cosplayers restricted to only shooting in the dedicated photo spaces?

No. There will be room outdoor and it is easy to assume that somebody will set up shoots in their own room or away from the venue. When partnering with others please keep in mind that any photo area setup outside of the dedicated space made available for Project Cosplay is outside of the event’s jurisdiction and cannot be policed by the event.

Cosplay Specific Questions

What are the costume restrictions/guidelines for Project Cosplay?

This question has come up due to conventions having specific policies that are created to endorse a family friendly environment. The policy at Project Cosplay is that no costume is not a costume. Basically, just make sure you’re wearing a costume. If it’s accurate but gorey, revealing, or distracting that’s not a problem at all. If your costume is too revealing or gorey, please make sure you change or cover up before exiting the venue if necessary.

What is the prop policy for Project Cosplay?

Like most conventions, all props must be appropriate to carry in a public venue. Actual weapons are not allowed. Orange tips are recommended for any prop guns, all bows should be loose enough not to fire, and other props must be blunt objects that can not be used as actual weapons. Also like most conventions, use your head when traveling around and avoid flashing the props outside or in public areas.

Project Cosplay staff does have the right to ask you to remove any prop that they feel is not appropriate or appears dangerous.

Will there be any cosplay guests invited?

Well, you are all invited. But if you mean are we inviting “big name” cosplayers to attend, sign prints, sit behind a table, and host panels the answer is still no. We want to make this an open environment to cosplayers of any ability and fanbase and if we do choose to have guests it will be based solely on their ability to run workshops, provide charitable support, or bring a positive addition to the event, not self-promote.

Will there be a cosplay competition at Project Cosplay?

There will not be a cosplay competition at the event that judge people based on their costume. We will have some fun competitions and are open to things like a cosplay fashion show, but due to this being an event that is big on bringing cosplayers of all backgrounds together, we are not looking to create competition.

How do I shoot in the boudoir/hotel room?

There will be a consent form for all individuals (both male or female) interested in shooting in the hotel room made available for shoots. This will acknowledge that any photography, no matter how risque, could be used by the photographer or event.

The hotel room photo area will be monitored by Project Cosplay staff. We ask that you fill out the Group Shoot Form to book ahead of time.

Photographer Specific Questions

How do I get access to Project Cosplay as a photographer?

A limited number of photographers will be invited to the event. This is based on availability, quality of work, willingness to shoot that weekend for free, and the photographer’s want to participate. The application for 2019 will be online this Fall.

How do I get priority on a shoot or event?

Group shoots will be open to all photographers, and in 2019 we will have dedicated staff available to organize those shoots so photographers can get equal participation. Additionally, cosplayers and photographers are encouraged to partner ahead and during the event to line up individual and group shoots not announced by Project Cosplay.

Can I setup a specific area that is only for me to photograph at?

At this time we are not opening up dedicated photographer space within the convention area. However photographers can setup in their room, in the atrium, and will have full access to our backdrops, themed rooms, and staging area.

Can I charge for shoots at Project Cosplay?

No you cannot charge cosplayers for photography sessions in or at Project Cosplay. If you want to make an arrangement for a shoot off-site, you have the ability to come and go as you please as long as you have a pass. Please keep in mind, shooting offsite for a charge does not include taking cosplayers outside or to the atrium without prior agreement and then charging for those shoots.

Arrangements on cosplayers paying for high resolution photos of their shoots with photographers after the event will be handled by the photographer and the specific cosplayer and are handled without Project Cosplay’s involvement.

All photographers will be asked to sign an agreement that they will not charge for photography at Project Cosplay and that all standard resolution images (watermarked) will be available to share after the event.

Why can’t I charge?

There are many reasons why we are asking photographers in attendance not to charge, but we’ll just point out a few. First, we don’t want photographers being divided based on pricing. If you want to charge and somebody else is not, you won’t get much work that weekend anyways. Second, we don’t want cosplayers showing up for a weekend full of photo sessions and only being able to pay for one. Wouldn’t be much of an event weekend and would minimize the participants in all the shoots. There’s plenty of other reasons, but we think those get the point across.

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Specific Questions

I have a brand, product, or store that would love to sponsor Project Cosplay, how can I do that?

Please feel free to contact us for more details. We will have limited sponsorship opportunities available in the program schedule and brands will have access to put their name on specific photography or panel rooms.

If my brand sponsors Project Cosplay, can we come hang out and enjoy the event?

Sponsors will not necessarily be invited to hang out, unless your sponsorship is negotiated that way. However, we will be connecting to a convention for 2019 where other conventions, brands that create or promote cosplay materials, and other geek brands that target this specific community to setup and network with those in attendance.

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