Anti-Harassment Policy

Project Cosplay is firmly committed to providing a positive experience free of discrimination and bias. Each attendee is personally responsible for maintaining such an environment throughout the event weekend.

Project Cosplay prohibits any actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s race, sex, sexual preferences, ethnic background, age, religion, physical condition, or other legally protected characteristic. Any conduct or action, whether overt or subtle, which creates an offensive or hostile environment is prohibited and will be grounds for immediate disciplinary action.

Project Cosplay prohibits any harassment between volunteers, attendees, or guests on the basis of sex. No person, male or female, should be subjected to unsolicited or unwelcome sexual overtones and conduct, either verbal or physical. Misconduct applies to both males and females, and includes harassment between individuals of both sexes and the same sex. Any person who believes he or she is a victim of sexual or discriminatory harassment is encouraged to let the harasser know that his or her behavior is unwelcome. In addition, those who believe they have been harassed should immediately report the matter to hotel staff as well as Project Cosplay staff and volunteers.

Certain photography areas will be setup with the possibility of risque photoshoots occurring. Even if the costume, photoshoot, environment lends to a certain feel or mood, unsolicited or unwelcome sexual overtones and conduct are still unwelcome.

Project Cosplay supports the movement “Cosplay is not Consent”; to empower all individuals the ability to SPEAK OUT against inappropriate social behavior of a sexual and/or stereotypical nature for themselves and fellow fans.

The culture of Cosplay is one of fun, creativity, and mutual respect. Unfortunately, not every fan adheres to the “respect” part. Cosplay is NOT Consent and cosplayers should not accept inappropriate behavior from their peers. This could end up being true even in an all cosplay environment such as Project Cosplay. Speak out, speak up, and help keep cosplay comfortable and fun!

You should make every attempt to gain direct consent on all photographs of cosplay, including all private photographers. All photographers, commercial and private, should refrain from taking secret photos of cosplayers in compromising positions and should not take photos with the intent of commercialization without consent of the subject.

The event is all about cosplay photoshoots, so just be polite and ask!

Please act like an adult and treat others like adults.

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