Project Cosplay is an event unlike Denver has ever seen.


Project Cosplay is a weekend full of cosplay focused shoots, workshops, panels, and events. Think of it as the convention without the convention… just more time for you to enjoy cosplay.

Imagine 2 1/2 days of hanging out with around 100 other cosplayers? How about the joy of getting to do organized shoots, crafting workshops, and other fun cosplay items without worrying about the convention floor? Why not partner with one of the many amazing photographers on hand for a group shoot or a solo series of image in one of our themed areas?

This is what Project Cosplay is. A weekend of cosplay fun.

Project Cosplay is organized EEON, LLC.

EEON, a Denver based geek brand, was formed in 2016 as a parent company for specific divisions previously operating under the Project-Nerd name. Currently housing publishing, photography, podcasts, video, and cosplay ventures, EEON was established to better serve a vast and growing geek community.



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