‘Werks3D’ Joins as Prize Sponsor

Project Cosplay is pleased to welcome Werks 3D as a Sponsor for the event.

Werks 3D Banner

Werks 3D is a 3D printing company that offers Skanü3D Full-Body 3D Scans and specializes in serving the cosplay community. Located out of Colorado, Werks 3D has been at a number of shows across the Denver and Colorado Springs area and continues to create great 3D models of the cosplay community.

The team from Werks 3D will be on hand to get full body scans of all the cosplayers in attendance and offer great prices on awesome 3D printed models. Werks 3D will also be sponsoring the Iron Cosplay Challenge and The Create Your Own Character Contest. The winners will be awarded with free 3D medals as well as bragging rights.


For more on Werks 3D visit www.Werks3D.com and talk to the team at Project Cosplay.

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