Create Your Own Character Contest

Project Cosplay and Project-Nerd Publishing present the Create Your Own Character Contest.


Participants are encouraged to create a custom character (non-existing) that would be part of a new fictional universe created by Project-Nerd Publishing and the Initiative Production Group where random people across the world are gaining super powers with no explanation.

Participants will have as much time necessary prior to the event to create their own character, costume, powers, and origin. All participants then will wear the costume and present it to a to-be-named panelist of judges that will include Project-Nerd Publishing leadership and costume experts on Saturday, February 4th at 5:00 PM.

The character that participants create should be completely original and not associated with or designed after any existing superheroes from any current publication. The costume would need to be a complete design with the participant explaining the origin of the character, along with their superpowers, and how the costume lends to their new found abilities.

The winner will be rewarded with a published web comic (or more) of the character created by Project-Nerd Publishing, VIP Admission to Project Cosplay 2018, a $50 Cash Prize, a free 3D Scan from Werks3D, and a Project-Nerd Publishing Prize Pack.

Two runner ups (if minimum participants reached) will also receive a Project-Nerd Publishing Prize Pack.

All participants will be rewarded a professional photo gallery of their new costume.


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