Project-Nerd Changes Clarified

If you are a follower of Project-Nerd, then you read this weekend that the Denver based geek blog will no longer be providing online entertainment after Saturday, September 3rd. This is important because Project Cosplay is organized by EEON, LLC, the same parent company for Project-Nerd.

This announcement has generated some questions on how it impacts things such as Project Cosplay.

The change with the Project-Nerd website will not impact Project Cosplay, as the show will continue in February as planned.

Although the Project-Nerd website will not continue through September, EEON, LLC will remain in business and will continue to operate Project Cosplay, Project-Nerd Publishing, the EEON Podcast Network, as well as other business ventures, both new and existing.

Featured shoots for Project-Nerd that were a part of Project Cosplay in year one will not be present this year, however EEON has standing relationships with numerous website and brands and will work to ensure maximum exposure on the web of the exciting galleries captured at the event.

If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to the Project Cosplay team. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you all in February!


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