Initial Photographer List for 2017 Announced

EEON, LLC and Project-Nerd are pleased to announce the first set of photographers for Project Cosplay 2017.

After a successful event in 2016 that saw eight photographers present, Project Cosplay is set to increase the amount of photographers available to shoot at this event for year two.

After reviewing a number of applications, the first round of responses are in, and the talented photographers are ready and eager for Project Cosplay 2017!

Courtesy WeNeals Photography & Retouching at Project Cosplay 2016

Here are the initial ten photographers for 2017:

Aeralixis Photography | Phoenix
“Professionally behind the lens for over 8 years, I strive to capture the magnificent in the everyday. The creativity and uniqueness of my work provides my models with timeless memories digitally and in print.”

Cocoreccho | Denver
“I’m Jesse Pulido, I produce stylized works within cosplay and pop-culture. These works encompassing photography and videography.“

GregRon Geeks | Colorado Springs
“GregRon Geeks is the alter-ego of GregRon Photography. Catering to Geeks through Photography, Movies, Comics and Pop Culture.”

Hidden Vision Photography | Denver
“Geoff is a photographer located in Denver. He specializes in cosplay photography, fashion photography, and practical effects. By using practical effects, he is able to bring the reality of the world the cosplayer presents and communicate their sense to the world.”

McCurdy Pix | Omaha
“My name is Logan McCurdy. I started McCurdy Pix because I wanted to take my life and my photography to the next level. With doing that I’ve expanded in so many ways and met so many people. Because of that, I’m loving the life I live!”

Nlightened Designs | Denver
“Nlightened Designs is a Denver base media company, working from photography, video to graphic Design. Esteban is the owner, and has been running Nlightened Designs for 10 years. Working with Multiple Cons, events, fashion shows, and night clubs. Esteban started getting into Cosplay photography in 2012 and has loved every moment of it. He is grateful that he is well known in the Cosplay community. ‘We love what we do, and our goal is to Nlightened the world of the arts’.”

Noah Smith Images | Kansas City
“Noah Smith is just an ordinary photographer living the KC style on the EAC of life. He’s been involved in the KC cosplay community for some time and is bringing his talents over to Denver for the event. He really enjoys working with cosplayers on capturing the character they are portraying and he’s just a fun dude.”

Sarah Marie Spectrum | Denver
“Sarah Marie Spectrum is a Denver-based wanderer with a passionate love of photography and cosplay. She blends these both together and is often found traveling the country to conventions, capturing America’s cosplay community.”

Sean Marquantte Photography | Denver
“I have enjoyed shooting several different events in the Denver area and looking to expand more into Cosplay!”

WeNeals Photography & Retouching | Denver
“I’ve been a cosplay photographer for about 6 years and a general photographer for about 8. I love cosplay, I love anime, and everything in between. I really gel with Nerds because they are right up my alley.”

As ticket sales increase, the list of photographers will grow towards twelve to fourteen with the final amount being dependent on expected attendance. Please encourage local and regional photographers to apply at as more are to be announced and there is the possibility of people dropping out, opening additional spots.

Unless photographers have received a specific email stating they were turned down or they have withdrawn, all photographer applications are still active.

Please note. The order photographers are announced is in alphabetical order. Links and photos will be included when the photographer page is updated.


3 thoughts on “Initial Photographer List for 2017 Announced

  1. What about those of us that want to come as a photographer but would rather pay so it’s less work like. E.g. I would rather take a casual approach to it and make more of an organic experience for a shoot and model. While adhering to all the policies for photographers already in place.


    • Hi CJ. We appreciate your interest, but if you are interested in attending just as a photographer we encourage you to feel out the application. There isn’t really that much pressure or demand. At this time we don’t have open admission to photographers to keep a good ratio of cosplayers to photographers with out overfilling the halls with cameras. Maybe as the event grows we’ll head that direction! Thanks.


      • Hum ok. We’ll see. Either I’ll submit as photographer or just come with my gf in costume(s). To be honest I’m glad you’ve locked this down a bit. I skip shooting most cons these days as everybody with a camera thinks their a pro.

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