Final Floor Plan

The final floor Plan for Project Cosplay is live.


The final layout includes one Main Photo Room featuring a stage and multiple backdrops.

The four breakout rooms will include our Panel and Workshop Room, our Open (Empty) Photo Room, the Backdrop Room with four backdrops, and the Poker Themed Room.

In the atrium you’ll find many booth setup.

R1 & R2 – Registration Tables
P1 – Project-Nerd and Project-Nerd Publishing

S1 – O Comic Con
s2 – Cosmic Con
s3 – (currently open)
s4 – Cap 4 Kids Charity
s5 – Rocky Mountain Con
s6 – Aurora Rise (Charity)
s7 – Werks 3D

Please make sure you stop by all our sponsors, vendors, and charity tables to support the brand supporting us.

The atrium also will have plenty of space for hanging out, feature a cash bar on Friday, and offers quick access to restrooms, the pool, the grill and bar, and the breakfast area for guests of the hotel.

Please keep in mind, when you exit the atrium and event area do your best to cover up gory, sexy, and violent looking costumes.


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