Lip Sync Battle Registration

It’s finally time to register for the Lip Sync Battle.

Join us Friday night where we will break the ice with a friendly, fun, and entertaining lip sync competition. Between 7p-10p the main stage will be converted into a musical battle royal with cosplayers dressed to impress and lip syncing to the most appropriate and inappropriate tunes available.


Judged by cosplayers April Gloria and SuperKayce, as well as Project-Nerd CEO Iggy Michniacki, the Lip Sync Battle will feature a Main Entry round with select individuals chosen to perform an additional song in the Semi-Finals and three finalists selected for the Final round.

The competition will feature cosplayers performing clips of their songs in the first two rounds (clip not to exceed 90 seconds in the main entry round or 120 seconds in the semi-finals) with a full length performance in the finals.

The Project Cosplay Lip Sync Champion will be provided with a free mini 3D model of themselves in costume courtesy of Werks3D in Denver.

A cash bar will be provided in the event room as well as the hotel bar is just across the atrium and having your own alcohol available in your hotel rooms is strongly encouraged.

Registration for the event can be found here: REGISTRATION FORM

Please keep in mind we will accept cosplayers on a first come basis as the time limit may cause us to restrict entry.

The lip sync competition is meant to serve as a fun and entertaining ice-breaker event and is not to be taken too seriously. Please come with the intentions of having a good time whether you are just enjoying the competition or competing.

The Project Cosplay Lip Sync Battle is brought to you by Project-Nerd and sponsored by Werks3D!


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