Friday Update: How Do Shoots Work?

Shoots, or photoshoots (or photo sessions, etc) are the central core of Project Cosplay. The entire weekend will feature amazing photographers working with all the many amazing costumers with different themes and different scenes.

Currently you can find details in the Project Cosplay Group, on the Live Schedule, or on the Group Photoshoot Page, but there are still a number of questions. So we’re going into details about what is happening.

In short, photoshoots can be booked at anytime by anyone as long as there’s space and a photographer available. You don’t even have to organize them ahead of time, as we do want to see impromptu shoots happening during the weekend. We just want people making awesome images all weekend, no matter what side of the camera you are on.

But the confusion is coming in the variety of options we have. So here’s a breakdown of what those are.

Organized Group Shoots Already on the Schedule

On the live schedule we have a number of shoots already figured out.

For those of you that have attended large conventions like Dragon Con or C2E2 you know that they have an area reserved to get large groups together in like costumes. That’s our goal there. With DC Comics on Saturday and Marvel Comics on Sunday, not to mention the many amazing shoots also going on both days. The idea is to get everybody in the room together for large shoots and for photographers to pull people aside for smaller groups and individual shoots in front of the additional backdrops.

These don’t have to be scheduled by the cosplayers or photographers and are open to anybody attending (both cosplayer and photographer).

Dates, times, and details can be found on the schedule.

Attendee & Photographer Organized Shoots

As an attendee, both cosplayer and photographer, you can organize your own shoots. We strongly encourage you to do this around the existing schedule and also feel the best way to do so is in the Public Project Cosplay Group on Facebook.

These sessions do not have to go on the schedule, but if you do want a specific space reserved, or feel the group will be large, getting them sent over via the Group Shoot Form is key.

Dates, times, and details can be found on the schedule.

Project-Nerd Featured Shoots

So you’ve seen some Project-Nerd Featured Shoots on the schedule. What are those?

Project-Nerd is organizing some group sessions that will be officially ran by the brand with a single photographer and a specific group of cosplayers. These Project-Nerd Featured sessions will be shared on as well as Project-Nerd’s social media as official and timed-exclusive galleries.

Dates, times, and details can be found on the schedule.

If you have questions regarding shoots please head over to the Public Project Cosplay Group on Facebook as well as the FAQ Page.


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