Initial Floor Plan

Hey Project Cosplayers!

We’re getting a number of questions about the venue layout and photoshoots so we are doing everything in our power to get that out to you now. We’ll start with the floor plan, which is photographed below.

(Click to Enlarge)

Blue Titled Rooms
Rooms on the photos labeled with blue are already planned out. This includes the photo areas, a panel room, and the workshop room.

The Panel Room will be very large and will host the Cosplay Lip Sync Battle, Iron Cosplay Challenge (details to follow), and much more.

The Workshop Room will have room for more than 20 work stations for people to interact with the workshop organizers including actual crafting during the presentation.

The Main Photo Hall, which will house the main stage and a number of backdrops, is the most important room for our photo sessions. All large group shoots we announce will take place in this room and will be open to all photographers and cosplayers.

Also available for shooting is the pool, the hotel room upstairs, and there will be photo opportunities outside with certain geek themed vehicles to be announced.

Red Title Room
The single room listed as “TBD” will be themed if we get a sponsor for it, will be backdrops if there’s enough interest for more shoots, or a storage and staff area if no change from now. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Red Rectangles
The red rectangles on the map are for sponsorship and charities. These will be setup in the main atrium and easily accessible to the event’s attendees and staff.

Blue Rectangles
These are Project-Nerd specific booths for information on our brand and registration. There will be a good present from our brand at this show.

We hope to have a preliminary shooting schedule posted soon.


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