Friday Update: Volume 4

Finally, another Friday update.

We’ve been quiet as there is a lot going on for Project-Nerd. But as the Denver area gets ready to wrap their 2015 convention schedule, and so do we, it’s time to start thinking even more about February 19-21, 2016 and what it will look like.

Photo Sessions

It’s time to plan these. Costume building takes months sometimes and we need to get you started. There will be multiple options for shoots.

Project-Nerd specific shoots where we grab specific cosplayers and photographer for a session that will be shared on Project-Nerd.

Organized Group Shoots which will be in reserved areas and announced well ahead. These can range from one photographer shooting a group of cosplayers to all cosplayers and photographers welcome to participate in the staged room.

Small Shoots where you and your friends can grab photographers on the fly and shoot with them in open space.

We recommend planning shoots ahead of time, especially so you and your friends can coordinate costumes. You can do that on our Group Shoots Page.


At this time all photographers that sent us a message about the event have been contacted. We still are working out the details with a couple, but they will be announced soon. If you contacted us and did not hear back please email us at info(at) as soon as possible.


Tickets are available but they are moving fast again. VIP tickets (get an awesome shirt) are extremely limited at this point. If you want to ensure you get to go to Project Cosplay, make sure you pre-order your tickets. We are expecting no available tickets at the door.



We will be offering a special rate going forward. If you own a brand and would like to setup at this event for just $200, please reach out to us. Spots are extremely limited as we only have room for 8 tables total. Remember, that is less than a dollar a person as we expect to have more than 200 individuals roaming the floor. You can learn more on our Sponsorship Page.

In Closing

We have so much to get done before February 19th. If you have the want to help, we need it. If you have ideas, share them in the Facebook group (here). And if you’re excited, share this event with your friends everywhere.

Oh, and…


Happy Halloween!


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