Friday Update: Volume 3

It’s time for another Friday Update, and this week only covers two things: Tickets and Photography.


VIP Tickets are nearly gone. If you are looking to get a t-shirt and gift bag at the event, you need to get your VIP Ticket now.

General Admission is moving, but there are still plenty of tickets available. These are pacing to be gone in early September.


There have been a number of questions about photography at the event, so we want to help clear some things up by answering a few recent questions:

If I’m not an Invited Photographer, can I bring my camera and get images too?

Yes and no. Let us explain…

No: We are not allowing people to just wander into the event or buy passes to just stand around and shoot pictures on their cell phone or with their camera.

Yes: If you are a cosplayer, cosplay handler, event organizer, or participating one way or another you can most definitely bring out your cell phone or your camera and grab images of you, your friends, the event, even do some group shots. We’re more than happy to have you capture the weekend.

Nobody participating in the event that is taking pictures will be stopped. However, if you are not an invited photographer you will not be able to reserve room times for shoots and will not be able to have galleries posted to Project-Nerd. If you are not an invited photographer and are not cosplaying or helping a cosplayer or with the event and are just standing around snapping photos all day, you will be asked to leave.

I am an invited photographer, how do I make shoots happen?

Organized photographers will have the ability to request specific shoots using our online form, work with guests ahead of time through our Facebook group, be asked to participate in official Project-Nerd shoots, and can grab people on the fly (individuals or groups) to do a photosession with.

The goal is to have a number of shooting areas open for photography sessions to be flexible.

As a photographer, do I need to bring my own setup and equipment?

We plan to have multiple themed rooms and at least 8 backdrops. If you have a great backdrop or some awesome props, please let us know ahead so we can get that included in the setup. However, you will have access to all of these areas to shoot. More details on those rooms will follow in the coming months.

We do encourage photographers to bring any special lighting, accessories, or extras they typically use for photo sessions as we will not be able to guarantee those throughout the weekend.

I’m a cosplayer going to the event and I have a great idea for a themed group shoot, can I suggest one?

Yes. Please yes. There are actually a few options for you. You can fill out our online form to ensure an invited photographer is paired with you and a room is reserved. You can use the Facebook group to organize a group ahead of time. Or you can grab people on the fly, find a photographer not shooting, and get to it. We encourage all three.

Wait. I’m a photographer and you said I’m going to be paired for organized shoots. How is that working?

No photographer will be forced to shoot in a room or a session they are not interested in. When we get a better idea of the Project-Nerd organized shoots and submitted shoots, we will work with the photographers to find out who would like to photograph what to help ensure those shoots take place.

I have more questions, how do I get them to you?

First, check out our FAQ Page. Second, feel free to post on the Facebook Page or Facebook Group. Finally, feel free to send us an email at pcdenver(at)

Happy Cosplaying Everybody!


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