Friday Updates: Volume 1

Welcome to our first Friday Update.

Most Fridays we will have an updated post right here on the website, that includes important information such as updates on tickets, social media, shooting rooms, photographers, sponsors, and more.

We say most Fridays because there will be weeks that we are away at conventions and some time in the fall where a weekly update may not be necessary. But like all WordPress based blogs, you can subscribe and get email updates for all our posts straight to your email.

Generic Tickets


Tickets go on sale in One Week! That’s right, Friday July 31st we will have tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets. They will be individually ID’d and will be available as both digital and physical tickets. If you want to buy tickets but aren’t 100% sure you can make it, ask for physical tickets so you can hand those off to friends if it comes to that. Digital tickets will require an ID at the door and are nontransferable.

Remember, tickets are expected to move quickly. So don’t delay. We are offering 175 standard tickets for $35 and 25 VIP tickets that include a t-shirt and gift-bag for $50. That’s right! We have moved it up to 200 tickets.


Volunteers are needed for the entire event. We need people to work the registration, we need people to run rooms, we need people to work information. Most importantly we need people to setup and breakdown. Get into the event for free by just helping for a few hours. Learn more here: Volunteer Page

Social Media

Much like many other pages, our social media reach is already hurting to do the infamous Facebook Algorithm. We will release breaking news and updates on our Facebook Page, but keep in mind you may not see it in your feed. Please join the Facebook Group (Here) and also tell Facebook to show the Project Cosplay Page at the top of your feed to get the latest news for the event.


We have already announced 4 amazing photographers and will be adding 3 more to the site this weekend. You can learn who will be shooting all weekend long on the Photographers Attending page. We have received a number of photographer applications, enough that we had to pause, regroup, and organize a plan. We will be getting back in touch with everybody and have a full roster announced by the end of August.

Thank You

We close this first update with a thank you. Project-Nerd has discussed doing an event like this for sometime and hesitated because we weren’t sure we’d get the response we needed. Not only have we received the response we needed in just a couple of weeks, but we’ve far exceeded it. We thank you all for sharing, getting excited, and following. You all have made Project Cosplay a reality, and we can’t wait to hang out with you for a fun-filled weekend.


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